Radical Transformation

Wow! Sounds like you are beginning to trust Self and are operating from a place of ease! That is awesome. You are finally able to identify the truth from the stories that have held you back because you are now merging more and more with flow and the ability to see perfection in all things; your need to label things as right and wrong, good and bad decreases. You are able to identify with your thoughts and feelings or you can step back and see that you are actually not what you’re thinking and feeling.

It is during this stage that you understand that our higher consciousness dictates the logical mind. Instead of looking at just a problem, you begin looking at the root cause of the problem i.e. you get a migraine after Kundalini yoga and then realize it is your Crown Chakra opening.

This is a time of both duality and unity. You can see that your thoughts and feelings come and go, your reactions come and go, but something essential is always present. You are firmly grounded in your connection to your higher self and the Universe. Things stop becoming obstacles and start becoming simple events that come in to your field of awareness and then leave. Rather than becoming submerged in challenging emotions and experiences, you’re able to simply observe these as appearances in your inner world or in the outside world around you.