The Rooted Connection Framework

The Rooted Connection trainings include the comprehensive system for tapping into your intuition and learning the various ways how it can be applied to skyrocket your business.

The system is broken down into five stages: 

  1. Consciously Curious

  2. Awakened Awareness

  3. Propelling Purge

  4. Radical Transformation

  5. Freedom of Flow

The remaining trainings will be available by the end of Fall 2019. I will be recording at least 1 video every other week until they have all been released!

Your Success Path

This is the roadmap for your success inside The Rooted Connection. What does it look like to to ignite your intuition? There are several different stages you’ll go through. There is an assessment on the first page that will help you to determine which stage of igniting your intuition you are at. Your answers will lead you to your Stage. Continue to the following pages for more detail about your particular Stage. This will give you tremendous clarity around how to get the most out of The Rooted Connection going forward based on where you’re at right now.

Upcoming Content

  • How to Perform Automatic Writing for Answers in Business

  • How to Comb Through Automatic Writing to Come Up with Content

  • Creating an Altar Space

  • Using Crystal Grids to Amplify Your Intentions and Business Goals