Awakened Awareness

You are witnessing this is a winding path and the work is never done, but you are embracing the journey. You may experience a spiritual wake-up call where you receive an ah-ha moment. The most common wake-up calls are loss, crisis, financial hardship, or even prolonged periods of frustration with life. The ineffable sensation that something is missing - something is off - something big. It is during this time that things become clearer and begin to flow more easily since you gain a sense of purpose. This can come from a conversation, a book, spiritual practice, etc. You now understand that the “flashes” were meant to merge into a more understandable vision. You see that the signs and symbols held a much deeper meaning; synchronicities replace “coincidences.” However the spiritual wake-up call reaches you, it catapults you into a phase of learning, seeking, and discovery. When it happens you suddenly need to know, understand, and experience more of what you’ve begun tapping into. You want to read about it, talk about it, and feel it more deeply.

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