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Birth Chart Calculator

Let's calculate your birth chart.

There are many "modalities" that I like to use to help us explore our inner workings. We don't need to rewrite our stories, we need to look back and learn from them. Once we understand them, living out our best story becomes clear.

We need to learn who the main character is first, and dynamic astrology can help us do that. It can shed some light on our dark inner corners that we maybe don't look at often enough, or even realize how important they are to unlocking our personal wisdom and unique imprint that we have to offer.

To begin, let's carve into your birth chart. You'll need to enter your birth information in the calculator, but please be mindful of entering your exact birth time, and the specific city you were born in (yes, there is a chance that your "city" isn't listed, but most will be). Please do not "round up or down" your birth time; it should be quite specific: 3:34 AM, 17:47 PM, 9:02 AM, etc. If you do not seek out this information (and admittedly, it can be hard to find sometimes!) I can't guarantee that your results are accurate. Please do your best to find specifics. Once you have entered your information, you’ll want to select Natal Horoscope.


Your sun sign is depicted on which day of the month you are born. There are twelve zodiac signs that are set with each month. A lot of babies born in December are the sign of Sagittarius, just like a lot of August babies are the sign of Leo the lion. Yes, these signs typically have specific traits, but our natal charts are comprised of multiple signs. Thats why not every Gemini you know is just like the other. Our varying signs shape who we are, and though we may have a lot of Taurus in our chart, we will undoubtedly have other signs mixed in there as well. Your sun sign is who you are as a person when you're just not thinking about it - when you're mindlessly being you. The sun sign is what you're here to learn; it the "driver" of the car.


This one might be new to you. It's a personal favourite of mine - I love learning a person's moon sign. Your moon sign is that secret part of yourself that only a couple people get to know. Instead of being the driver of the car, your moon sign is the ENGINE. You don't necessarily show this part of you to everyone. It is your undertone, your morals - that undercurrent of who you are and why you do things. Learning a person's moon sign is a huge advantage to understanding how they operate. I'm a Leo - outgoing, overflowing, and generous. Always the leader, if not the center of any group and I seldom fail to exhibit strong emotions, but my moon sign is Libra - always striving for peace, balance, and connection with others (Libra's are learning how to be in relation to others). These two signs are practically opposites, and learning that hugely helped me in my understanding of myself. Reading your sun sign and moon sign together is a great way to really discover how a person ticks and you might just have an epiphany about yourself. You never want to let your moon sign drive the car, because that's how you can get into trouble. You always want to let your sun sign be the driver, but use your moon sign energy as the secret super power; your secret skill in helping you learn the lesson of your sign sun.

So what's your moon sign super power? Fire moon signs usually have passion or drive/motivation on their side; water moon signs usually have emotions and intuitive abilities on their side; air moon signs are usually inquisitive, thoughtful and intelligent, and earth moon signs are usually nurturing, stable, and hardworking.


This is sometimes called your rising sign, and it's another important one to know because of what it doesn't show. Your ascendant sign is the mask you wear when you first meet someone. It is the impression you give and how you carry yourself - though it might not be who you really are. Do people ever misread you or say you come off differently? The ascendant/rising sign is the color or make of the car; but it doesn't really tell you the personality of the driver or how the engine operates. I'm a Scorpio Ascendant, which means in new situations and experiences, I am unsure. Finding out your ascendant sign can help you understand the first impression you give off, how people respond to you, and help you become more aware of how those around you are continuously reacting to you.

While there are many aspects to your natal chart, each sign giving you valuable information about yourself and even the generation you were born in, learning these three signs can be a great first start to learning more about who you are. And how you tick! What are your three signs?

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